I believe we are in a transition period where we are moving toward a more specialized, skilled and problem-solving capable workforce. First let me clarify that when i say "we" i am talking about the developed countries such as the U.S. Those third world countries and developing contries will still have large unskilled labor forces that will do all the manufacturing and handle all the unskilled jobs necessary to produce the products and necessities of the world. 
      The countries that I believe are in a transition period will undoubtedly have to have a more educated and specialized workforce. Due to the technological advancements and current trends there are many sectors that will see above-average job growth. Wall Street and financial sectors will still continue to play an important part in the economy in part because of banking booms in cities like Charlotte, N.C. where the city's workforce has grown 50% over the past decade. The emergence of cloud computing is another important sector that will see large job-growth because of the interest from companies and corporations in the technology. Cloud computing is making business processes much easier and more effective. Nanotechnology and Genomics I believe are also important sectors that will create large numbers of jobs because of the great influence and contributions they can give to science and the healthcare industry. Another sector that I believe will experince a large job-growth is the Healthcare industry. Based on the aging population of the U.S. and the fact that people are living longer due to advancements in science and technolgy there will be a great demand and need to offer services for the elder population. However, the industry I believe will have the biggest growth and contribute the largest number of jobs to the economy will be the information security sector. 

Because of current trends and advancements in information security this sector will undoubtedly provide the biggest number of jobs. These jobs will require specialized workers who will need to be able to use complex knowledge in problem-solving scenarios and corporate strategy creation. Futhermore, information security will need to provide the knowledgeable workers to combat the hackers and all the people taking advantage of and stealing from the users of the web.