Gloria Delgado IT#3

Green Technology: Solar Wind Energy

The future of jobs and job creation is going to include “green jobs”. Solar and wind power have long been two of the main contenders in the race to find the next big renewable energy resource. Rather than choosing between the two, scientists at Washington State University have instead combined them.

Solar wind doesn't act like wind on Earth, and the satellite wouldn't generate electricity like a windmill.

Instead of physically rotating a blade attached to a turbine, the proposed satellite would use a charged copper wire to capture electrons zooming away from the sun at several hundred kilometers per second.

Some of the energy the satellite generates would be pumped back into the copper wire to create the electron-harvesting magnetic field. The rest of the energy would power an infrared laser beam, which would help fulfill the whole planet's energy needs day and night regardless of environmental conditions.

Wind Farms Among the Clouds

Imagine a city floating above the clouds and powered by a fleet of inflatable turbines, each one turning wind into electricity.

While that city and its residents may still be in the realm of science fiction, the idea of airborne wind factories is slowly becoming reality. Several tech firms are trying out new designs to harness the potential energy of winds that travel faster at altitude than at ground level.

These are among one of the several ways renewable energy resources are shaping the future and that the future of jobs will involve in the technology.