Those who aspire employment in the near future and beyond must posess three basic qualities; they must be Creative thinkers fueling new ideas, discovering through research and development the latest advances in science and planning the lifestyle of future communities. They should have something more important than knowledge as Einstein once said, namely that of a keen Imagination working to design the innovations of tomorrow. Finally, the third basic quality future job seekers cannot be without is the Flexibility necessary to adapt as industries change, markets fluctuate and the positions once firmly held may disappear over night. The author of an article on jobs of the future on the website concludes that without these key characteristics in hand within this innovative 21st century, unemployment seems a stark reality for those aspiring for future employment.

Future of info sec

Future of Info Sec


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The future of jobs into the next 25 years will involve the application, adaptation, and adherenceto the trends of the day as well as the ability of being at the forefront of the trends not yet discovered. Our rapid pace, tech-savy climate dictates that innovative skills will continually be a must in the job set skills of the future.

These innovative skills applied within a wide spectrum of trends throughout various industries, markets, and future environments will be the difference maker. The Job hunter of tomorrow faces an everchanging landscape of fastmoving information within the workplace environment, keeping up with these trends will only be half the task. The futurist author Dr. James Canton adds in his book The Extreme Future, a list of the Top Ten Trends that await the potential job seeker in the not too distant future.

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Information Technology: Health CareEdit

Computational Biology Opens New Job Opportunities for Perspective Applicants

In article on computational research the pentagon is now recruiting people from biological sciences, computational engineering, to manufacturers for the playing field of Bioinformatics. Darpa a government official claims these sciences are progressing too slow, lack of past motivation from the government had yet to spark any advances. Compared to other government and private biological projects which he considers primitive and labor intensive. He believes computational biology will be the key for many discoveries in the quest of human body part production. By democratizing biological design he hope to make a factory that manufactures modular genetic parts. He vastest on the idea of a factory, with consist of cells called “bio-units”. Inside these bio-units biological engineering will take place from hearts to cellular production. These DNA assembly lines will include test platforms for fine-tuning and debugging for the creation of perfect ‘lego’ parts. According to Groeger, engineering of biological parts projects already exist. Found online, dozens of open-source projects such as Registry of Standard Biological Parts, BioBricks, Williams_Sonoma catalog of synthetic biology” open doors to science fiction possibilities. Respectable institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Standfords and hundreds more are including themselves in the exploration.

In an article from the “Do it Yourself Genetic Engineering”, more than 100 students from 100 schools compete against one another to produce biological

designs, parading “its a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves”. Not all teams in the competition include educational institutions, many professional represent well known gene-synthesis companies better financed and ready to discover biological gold mines. Not to mention government bio-divisions who are well sponsored to create the best soldier.


The impact of this research is mind bottling, what can one do with immortality? How far can this research go, before we loose humanity in human?

The chase to explore terrains of genetic engineering can bring positive and negative affects. Positive effects genetics and body part engineering can bring the ability to save those who are waiting for organ transplants, or who are born with genetic mutations. This research can save a life! The negative effects of these discoveries is the proprietorship of discoveries, what if one party discovers the ability reproduce brains? Will the government steal the information for their own gains to produce a better soldier? Another question would be how much money will they charge to save a life? There are a lot of questions, and not enough answers. Right now, the pioneering bioinformatics scientist are striving on for more clues, and more discoveries.

Career OptionsEdit

  • Project Management
  • Computer Marketing
  • Operating Systems Administrator
  • Software Developers, Applications
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Database Administration


  • Administrating computer systems
  • Managing computer networks
  • Project management
  • Web design and Software development
  • System and database analysis


The median wage depends on the career option of choice. Salaries ranges from $37,210- $105, 000( )


Bachelors or a Masters degree in Information Technology Bachelors or a Masters degree in InformationAssurance and Security Management

Information Technology: RoboticsEdit

In today's economy, despite being in a bit of a slump, and leaning toward another recession; business still seems to be booming. Nothing is being bought or sold yet persay, but in a few short years there will be a new market for a product that seemed silly years ago, but may become a reality quite soon. This product will definitely generate a lot of capital and will turn a lot of heads. The question is, will this create new jobs; or will it be held respo

nsible for taking them away?
1416 30 Music-playing-Toyota-robot

The Product: humanoid robots. We have all either heard of, or seen the "new" ASIMO humanoid robot made by Honda, but what we dont know is that honda is not alone in this business. Companies have been fabricating robots for years now, and some are already available on the market. The few robots that are already available are quite expensive for the little that they do, kind of like the computers that were sold in the early 1980's. The robots that are available cost anywhere from $12,000 for a small one-foot bot called the DAR-win-OP and all the way up to $300,000+ for a beta-version life size thinking humanoid robot called the HRP-4. If history is any indicator, once this expands, like computers, its only a matter of time before there is a faster and cheaper one out on the market. Nearly every big manufacturing company has a Research & Development department, and I am willing to bet that they all have a robot in production. Toyota has created a robot that can play instruments like the trumpet and violin (pictured left). Honda has its ASIMO making presentations everywhere, and Ford (pictured right) isn't straying too far from the pack. All in all, it is undeniable that within the next 15-20 years robots will be a regular product that will technically be walking and talking right alongside us.

Career Options for Information Technologist in Robotics Edit

  • Project Manager
  • Operating Systems Administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Network Security Analyst


  • Administrating computer systems
  • Managing computer networks
  • Developing webpages
  • Technical writing/Systems Analysis
  • Troubleshoot Network Security


The median wage: $88,570 as of 2008, and is expectedto grow by 7% between 2001-2018 (


Bachelor’s or a Masters degree in Information Technology or a Bachelors or a Masters degree in Information Assurance and Security Management

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Information Technology: GreenEdit

Cloud computing is computing on the Internet. Cloud computing differences lie in the hardware usage an application is taking in. In a regular job you work on a physical computer which could be a workstation and it might not be utilized to full power. Cloud changes it, brings in virtualization and then makes you feel you are doing the same thing, but more effectively. Technology executives and businesses of all sizes are increasingly interested in cloud computing as a way to save money.

Cloud computing is an increasingly broad topic that encompasses everything from Google Apps to data center services to virtualization to software-, infrastructure- and platform-as-a service. Amazon & Cloud Amazon Web Services is expanding its datacenter and cloud capacity with a new branch based in Oregon, as part of the U.S. West Region. Oregon is the seventh piece of the geographic that AWS is building. Three others are located in the United States, including the existing U.S. West Region based in Northern California, as well as the U.S. East in Northern Virginia and the GovCloud. AWS also infrastructure branches in Singapore and Tokyo, covering the Asia/Pacific area, and Dublin for the European Union. thumb|300px|right|Cloud computingThis is allowing developers and businesses with operations or end users near the west coast of the United States can use our US West Infrastructure at an even lower cost than they could before.The following Youtube explains the Cloud Computing and how it works for business. It is changing the way businesses are working now and in the future. Job Creation' It will take more than a miracle for future job creation. Today, as the U.S. recovers from the worst recession since World War II and the global economy continues to absorb the effects of the financial crisis, America has a long-term, creating new jobs problem: How will the U.S. create the millions of jobs needed to reinvigorate our consumer-driven economy? This is a current question and for the future because when the recession slowly begins to recover, the future will repeat itself in a sense that will affect everyone.

Career OptionsEdit

  • Project Management
  • Computer Marketing Operating Systems Administrator
  • Software Developers, Applications


  • Create monitoring software for solar power plants
  • Project managers which fulfill (LEED) guidelines
  • Database administration
  • Web design and Software development


The median wage depends on the career option of choice. Salaries ranges from $37,210- $96, 230 ( )


Bachelors or a Masters degree in Information Technology, Bachelors or a Masters degree in Information Assurance and Security Managementc

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