Th Robot-Fighter-by-Emrah-Elmasli

By the year 2036, there will be many new kinds of jobs created. I will discuss three new jobs that could be created, according to Hannah Clark of The first job is a Hydrogen Fuel Station Operator. These managers would need specific skills to do the job. Also, refueling stations would be mass-produced, increasing the number of new factory jobs.

Next, the job of Robot Mechanic would be in higher demand. Robots will drop in price in the future, making them more affordable for the middle class. Thus, there will be more sales of robots and more repairs will be needed.

The third job is that of Gene Screener. Genetic screens will become as common as drug tests in the future. Employers will screen out workers with a propensity for drug abuse and other problems which could reduce the efficiency of the company. Jerry Shields

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