Cloud Computing In the future, jobs are going to require technical skills and knowledge. Currently, Cloud computing is changing the way business is running.Edit

Cloud computing is computing on the Internet. Cloud computing differences lie in the hardware usage an application is taking in. In a regular job you work on a physical computer which could be a workstation and it might not be utilized to full power. Cloud changes it, brings in virtualization and then makes you feel you are doing the same thing, but more effectively. Technology executives and businesses of all sizes are increasingly interested in cloud computing as a way to save money.
Cloud computing is an increasingly broad topic that encompasses everything from Google Apps to data center services to virtualization to software-, infrastructure- and platform-as-a service.

Amazon & Cloud

Amazon Web Services is expanding its datacenter and cloud capacity with a new branch based in Oregon, as part of the U.S. West Region. Oregon is the seventh piece of the geographic that AWS is building. Three others are located in the United States, including the existing U.S. West Region based in Northern California, as well as the U.S. East in Northern Virginia and the GovCloud. AWS also infrastructure branches in Singapore and Tokyo, covering the Asia/Pacific area, and Dublin for the European Union. thumb|300px|right|Cloud computingThis is allowing developers and businesses with operations or end users near the west coast of the United States can use our US West Infrastructure at an even lower cost than they could before.The following Youtube explains the Cloud Computing and how it works for business. It is changing the way businesses are working now and in the future. Job Creation' It will take more than a miracle for future job creation. Today, as the U.S. recovers from the worst recession since World War II and the global economy continues to absorb the effects of the financial crisis, America has a long-term, creating new jobs problem: How will the U.S. create the millions of jobs needed to reinvigorate our consumer-driven economy? This is a current question and for the future because when the recession slowly begins to recover, the future will repeat itself in a sense that will affect everyone.